Dyslexia is a neurological disorder related to deficient brain processing of information across various brain areas.
  • Normal intelligence but have specific difficulty in reading and writing:
    • Forget the spelling even after numerous preparation work
    • Different spelling of the same word even within the same paragraph
    • Show patterns such as
      table → chair (semantically related)
      from → form, for
  • Attention deficits
  • Some with social inadequacy
  • Poor planning and time management. Often miss out part of the job
NSP enhances simultaneous processing of the phonological, semantic and orthographic components of a word, or the ability to read/ understand (or write) a word on seeing (hearing) it. The need of psychotherapy would depend if individual has any emotional issues. Clinical experience suggests that those start intervention late, such as after P2, usually manifest low motivation for therapy due to long term academic failure. In such case, psychotherapy becomes essential in helping the individual to resolve the underlying feeling of helplessness. If intervention starts early, these children stand a good chance to function adequately in mainstream education.
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