Asperger's Syndrome

Asperger’s Syndrome is a pervasive developmental disorder, which is considered as a variance of autism by most people. Asperger’s individuals usually acquire language at an earlier age than children with autism, or even similar to other typical children. They therefore may give a wrong impression that they have normal language development. In fact, they manifest language deficiency in some subtle aspects, such as confused use of words in expression. Similar to autism, they also have difficulty in understanding others’ mind and social communication.

Features: In addition to the autism features, Asperger's individuals also display characteristics:
  • Initiative in conversation but is usually unable to form satisfactory social relationship due to their lack of understanding of others’ mind and social rules. They often encounter problems at school and being bullied is also common.
  • Problem in language use which is due to their lack of understanding and shallow interpretation of language concepts.
  • Emotions: Anxiety, aggression manifested as aggressive language or behaviors are common in some, but flat emotion is seen in others.
  • Clumsy motor coordination skills
NSP enhances Asperger individual’s brain processing ability, which improves their sensory motor skills. This helps them to develop language appropriate to social contexts. Besides, with better motor coordination, they could better avoid social accident such as bumping into others, which is some usual conflicting incident of these individuals. Asperger children tend to have normal intelligence and therefore could attain academic achievement. Their biggest challenge lies on the ability to function effectively in the society. NSP, together with psychotherapy opens up their opportunity for this destination.
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