Our clinic was established in 1992, we have centres located in Hong Kong and Mainland China. With combined effort of Miss Joanne Ha and the valuable Neuromotor Speech Pathology NSP therapists, we provide quality service in Cantonese, Mandarin and English to Pediatric and Adult clients.

NSP establisher

Speech Pathologist, Certified Sensory Integration Therapist, Psychotherapist


1987 Bachelor of Applied Sciences (Speech Pathology) University of Sydney

1992 Master of Education University of HK

2006 Post Graduate Certificate of Psychology University of HK

2013 Master in Counselling Monash University

2013 Graduate Diploma in Child Psychotherapy Studies Monash University


2004 US, USC/WPS, Cert. Sensory Integration #1880

2010 Australia, college of medical hypnosis, Cert. Clinical. Hypnosis & CBT Counseling

2010 The International Society of Neuro-Semantics, NLP Practitioner Cert.

2011 EMDR Cert.

2012 US, SE & Trauma Institute,SE Cert. (Adv.)

NSP is an innovative integrated model of neuromotor therapy and speech therapy. NSP theorizes that neuromotor therapy enhances brain processing, which forms the essential foundation for speech and language development. We have been applying this treatment model in our clinic since 2004.

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North Point Clinic

Suites 2708-09, Two Chinachem Exchange Square, 338 King's Road, North Point, HK

2597 5330

TUE - FRI:9:30AM - 7:15PM

SAT:9:00AM - 6:00PM


Hong Kong address:Suites 2708-09, Two Chinachem Exchange Square, 338 King's Road, North Point, HK
Foshan address: Room 303, Block 1, 68, Ji Hua Si Lu, Chancheng Qu, Foshan
Tel:(852) 2597 5330|Email:jhspeechpathology@gmail.com