Autism or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a pervasive developmental disorder, with individuals manifest difficulty in the language, social and mind domains.
  • Language delays
  • Bizarre intonation
  • Inadequate eye contact
  • Obsessive with some objects, events or ideas. Severe ones appear to live in their own fantasy world.
  • Poor understanding of others’ mind and feelings
  • Poor social ability. Some refrain from interacting with people
  • Usually have emotional problems. Anxiety and aggressiveness are common clinical phenomena.
NSP sees ASD individuals as having difficulty in processing environmental information. This is in addition to the underlying emotion, which hinders their social and communication abilities. NSP enhances individual’s brain processing in order for them to take in environmental information, which allows them to respond appropriately. Besides, better processing ability also means better sensory input and motor responses, or sensorimotor abilities, which are the foundation for language development. With the help of psychotherapy, individuals can solve the underlying anxiety, which in turn helps with social development. Clinical experience suggested that most ASD individuals could return to normal functioning and enjoy mainstream education.
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