This is a case in Beijing. It is chosen for illustration because the client was a 22 years old boy, whose improvement serves as an encouragement to parents with older children. Fei was brought to the Beijing centre by his mother. Mother brought him to the clinic with an ultimate aim of his able to find a job.

Fei had severe speech and language delay and dyslexia. At that time, his language was compatible to a less than 10 years old boy. He had received numerous trainings for the past 20 years before going to our clinic, but near zero improvement was seen. He failed his academic work and, as stated in NSP theory, he also had deficits in other non-language areas, such as motor coordination. That resulted in him not able to find clerical or physical type of jobs.

The objective of training was to boost his processing and language ability through NSP. At the same time, modified physical training was prescribed as well to suit his realistic needs. After two years of training, he made improvement in auditory processing, which allowed him to better receive people’s messages. He made gains in his motor ability which allowed him to perform physical jobs more effectively.

Finally, he found a permanent job in McDonald. In the eyes of a lot of people, the McDonald job appeared to be a rather easy to get job. However, looking into the job closely, it requires the staff to understand the duties, to participate in the team work, and to maintain reasonable communication with other staff and customers. Until 2021, Fei has worked in McDonald for 6 years, and he was one of the few had enjoyed job stability, was earning stable income, during the COVID 19 period.

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