Sophie attended this clinic when she was 9 years of age, studying P.4 in an international school. She was passive and obedient, actually “too obedient” as she did whatever she was told without much thought. She was bullied at school but did not make attempt to defend herself. During the assessment, she talked with simple sentences, was not able to report events in an organized manner of her age. She was performing at about 5 years of age. In addition to her language, she also displayed prominent processing problems. Her attention drifted intermittently and sometimes appeared “blank”. She heard wrong messages, which made her not able to carry out instructions correctly. With such difficulties, she was performing at a below average academic level at school.

NSP therapy started after the assessment. With better processing ability, Sophie made tremendous improvement in her language after 4 months. She had much better understanding and was initiative in talking. Language became her tool to defend herself when she was bullied. Bullies reduced along with increased confidence, she transformed from an unremarkable student, who never received attention, to a popular girl, after 7 months’ intervention.

She continued her treatment for about two years. Before discharge, she was the MC of her P.6 school graduation ceremony. Not only did Sophie make gain in her language, she also showed much better motor coordination, out of the neuromotor training of NSP. She emerged from a clumsy taekwondo player to a potential athlete representative by winning a lot of cups.

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