Neuromotor Speech Pathology NSP

The New Era of Speech Pathology
Neuromotor Speech Pathology NSP is established by Miss Ha. It is an innovative integrated model of neuromotor therapy and speech therapy. NSP theorizes that neuromotor therapy enhances brain processing, which forms the essential foundation for speech and language development. Our clinical evidence suggests that NSP applies to different syndromes.
The success of speech therapy lies on the wellness of brain processing. Therefore speech therapy should work hand in hand with brain work. With good brain foundation, clients not only acquire the speech and language abilities more effectively, they make gains in other brain monitored abilities (such as attention, motor coordination etc) as well.
NSP effects speech and language intervention because such impairment is not “mouth” but “brain” issue. The followings use “developmental dyspraxia” and “dyslexia” to illustrate this relationship.
Developmental dyspraxia is a neuro-motor disorder, which involves ineffective motor message transmission in the brain. In speech, this ends up with motor speech problems, which are manifested as articulation disorders and particular expressive difficulty. Traditional speech therapy focuses on oromtor skills plus articulation training has been reported to be slow, and quite ineffective. NSP enhances brain processing which facilitates motor messages send to the articulators. Positive results could usually be achieved within relative short period of time.
Dyslexia is a neurological disorder related to deficient brain processing of information across various brain areas. In reading and writing, this means that the phonological, semantic and orthographic components of a word could not be assessed and understood at the same time. NSP enhances this simultaneous processing which brings about the ability to read/ understand (or write) a word on seeing (hearing) it, that is to read and to write.
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